In January 2018, we launch our new campaign aimed at increasing the number of meeting bookings – and it involves YOU!

In short, the campaign is about using your network to find an entrepreneur with potential IT-related needs within our business areas: it may involve the production of a new website, moving to a new hosting supplier or signing up for a new support agreement. If this entrepreneur is writing an agreement with us, 5% of the contract value is payable to you as a contact intermediary*. Please note that your mission is only to bring about a meeting that hopefully will result in an agreement.

Price example: a website including text and image editing costs SEK 14.990 + VAT, which gives you a payment of about SEK 750 (gross).

Notification of a bookable meeting should be made to e-mailaddress State your contact information and personal information when registering a bookable meeting. Please note that all contact with a potential client is taken as an individual and NOT as a representative of ScandGate (that means you may not be presenting yourself as a member of ScandGate).

For more information, please contact us by phone +46 (0) 10 10 197 20 (button selection 1) or email us at


* Calculation of fees is made upon the contract price excluding Swedish VAT. The payout is a one-off payment on the 25th following month, after a signed agreement.