That all of ScandGate’s webhosting customers get a safe and hassle-free operation of their website will always be our top priority. We are constantly working to eliminate server downtime or, in the worst case scenario, reduce it to an absolute minimum.

All our servers are located in Sweden distributed on three server halls, and all links in both network infrastructure and hardware have redundancy. This means that there are always systems that directly and completely invisibly take over if another falls. All systems are monitored every minute, 24 hours a day, by an external independent system. Every day, nearly 250.000 status checks are made to ensure that all systems work properly. In a single year, this figure becomes almost unimaginable 100.000.000 checks. There is always a technician standing by available 24 hours a day, which within a few minutes will be aware of any problems. Usually, troubleshooting begins within 5 minutes and easier errors are resolved within 8-10 minutes.

Our personal commitment in conjunction with a strong technical solution gives your company and website the best possible conditions for smooth operation. In other words, your website is in safe hands with us. Of course, you always have a skilful and easily accessible support to turn to through email or phone.

Additional services

If you have a business critical website, we also offer affordable additional services to further enhance security.

An SSL Certificate gives your website an https://-address and displays the coveted padlock in the address line of your visitors. All communication between the server and the visitor’s computer is then encrypted and secure. It provides security for the visitor and shows that you as a site owner care about your visitors and customers’ security and privacy. That Google also premiums pages with SSL and gives them better placements in search results is a pure bonus.

Backups are always included and taken with two different systems during evening and night. But we don’t settle with that; we also offer backup every hour between 06.00 and 17.00 as an extra service. For example, if you have a webshop with ongoing incoming orders or a dynamic website that changes a lot during the day, you can be sure that we always have a fresh backup available. We dare to say we’re alone about this solution at such a powerful price.

So whether you have a smaller website or a well-visited webshop we have the capacity to take care of it in the best possible way. If you need more advanced solutions, like one or more dedicated servers, we have both the knowledge and the capacity to meet your requirements. We personally engage in your purchase, where our goal is to exceed your expectations.