Briefly about ScandGate

ScandGate AB was founded in 2012 with a business concept aimed at filling the need gap that appears between the IT suppliers who offer their customers either a custom-designed more expensive web production or a DIY solution. These are solutions that do not usually suit the smaller companies well, where neither major development budgets nor deeper IT skills are available.

That’s the spot where ScandGate makes a difference. Thanks to cost-effective solutions, we can offer both web production and web hosting that smaller companies can afford – and are not oversized in relation to the company’s needs.

In cases where we encounter customer needs beyond our core competence, we also solve this through the contact network ScandGate has access to – whether it is a custom-designed website or advanced API connection to an existing business system. We always strive to build in-depth customer relationships and follow our customers throughout the journey.

Business Concept

Our business concept is to offer, through Knowledge, Flexibility and Engagement, services in web production, hosting and IT support that results in long-term and strong relationships with both customers and partners. We strive for simple solutions that suit small and medium-sized businesses. We believe in direct communication. We stand for what we promise.

Keywords and Goals

All serious companies have keywords and goals that their employees strive for.
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Knowledge, Flexibility and Commitment.