Support with quality

Basic Support

Basic support is always included free of charge in our hosting package and includes support at:

  •      Web production (management of admin panel, etc.)
  •      Hosting (email, FTP, SSL, DNS, etc.)
  •      Smaller content fixes for web production- / hosting customers

(content fixes = content actions)

Premium Support

Your company can complete an order for web production and / or hosting by signing a premium support agreement, which provides regular updates to the WordPress kernel and associated plugins as well as any subsequent minor repair.

Do you need premium support?

Each site requires supervision and maintenance. For example, bugs may occur after updates of WordPress or related extensions / plugins. Many interventions require specialist knowledge that an entrepreneur operating in another area does not have (unless the company has its own expensive IT department). When that need arises, you will be grateful for signing a support agreement with your IT provider. Our support package is affordable and our ambition is that you as a customer will get the full currency for each krone.

Must WordPress be updated?

Note that WordPress is a system that needs to be updated at regular intervals. The reason for this is to some extent new functionality, but it is primarily about security fixes. As new security threats are constantly detected on the Internet, of course, this also affects CMS platforms like WordPress. Security holes are detected and made constant by the large community that maintains WordPress. The “security patches” as they are called must also be implemented on your company’s website.

These updates and ongoing operations that WordPress requires are not included in either our hosting package or in the web production we deliver. This requires a premium support agreement.

  • Free basic support!
  • Premium support for updates / fixes
  • Extrasupport for further development
  • The service agreement provides assistance when the need is the greatest!
PREMIUMSUPPORT Price: SEK 295:- / month

An operating package that ensures WordPress stays up to date (WP core & plugin / extension) as well as possibly. minor repairs after updates.

Price:  SEK 295:- / month

EXTRA SUPPORT Price: SEK 595:- per houre

Support hourly for major repairs after updating or rebuilding the site. Request Quotation!

Price:  SEK 595 per houre

All prices are excl. Swedish VAT.

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