New website for your company?

Creating a new website for your company does not have to mean that a huge time and resource-intensive work awaits. On the contrary. Our opinion is rather that many smaller companies take an unnecessarily long way to reach certain IT-related goals. There are already many “ready” WordPress themes developed by a variety of freelance developers, themes that can be easily customized and configured to suit your business. For this, large work efforts by designers, front- and backenders, are not necessary.

WordPress, is it the best CMS?

WordPress is the world’s largest content management system (CMS – Content Management System), is easy to use and is used on over 28% of all websites on the Internet and therefore has a very widespread support community that contributes to the development of the system. A CMS greatly facilitates all text and image management and makes the entire website infinitely more expandable (read more here). And WordPress, that’s something we know a great deal about.

  • Low start cost
  • Short launch time
  • Large design selection
  • WordPress as content management system (CMS)
WEBSITE Price: SEK 19 990

1. We meet in Gävle (Skolgången 17) for a first discussion and for reviewing the conditions and wishes.

2. ScandGate delivers a list of suitable WordPress themes for your company site.

3. Following your theme selection, ScandGate buys the desired theme and sets it up on our test server.

4. We provide assistance by moving content from previous site to new site as well as writing new copy text.

5. We make a follow-up by telephone/email that everything was correct. Then we implement WordPress training for the current theme with you, allowing you to continue working on content management.

6. When you consider the site to be ready for launch, we will launch it on our or your servers and configure DNS and email settings.


In some cases, specific requests may arise to change some functionality. They may concern how the contact form will operate or which news posts should be listed in a customized manner. We assist with our WordPress skills to meet your requirements.

All prices are excl. Swedish VAT.
Continuous operation (hosting or updates/repair) of the site is not included, as this requires hosting and support agreements.

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