Web production, Hosting & IT-support for price conscious entrepreneurs


There are very few shortcuts to knowledge. It is a process and learning that requires many years of involvement and industry experience. Our knowledge is one of the main reasons for our customers to cooperate with ScandGate. We have many years of experience behind us from a variety of web, hosting and development companies, both in the International and Swedish markets. ScandGate’s ambition is to share our knowledge bank and thus reach your and our common goals, which is to make your business more profitable.


ScandGate’s business model provides a broad portfolio of services, resources and knowledge managed through a well-trained and flexible sales organization. This results in our flexibility. We can tailor any co-operation, business opportunity or service according to demand, needs and function.


ScandGate’s inner force for moving forward is to constantly strengthen relationships with our customers and partners. Our commitment is a deeply rooted value that expresses itself in both ambition, go-ahead spirit, innovative thinking and feeling for the customer’s business. We find new ways, unique solutions and are constantly evolving by being an inspirational actor in our industry.